Ways to Keep Your Tree Standing

Happy Holidays! Although this year’s celebrations may be scaled down in comparison to other years, many people will still be able to enjoy seasonal food and events with their loved ones. And, of course, many of our feline friends will continue with their own traditions … such as toppling Christmas trees. Read on for some tips from a local London, ON veterinarian on keeping your tree standing.

Choose The Right Spot

Picking the right location for the tree may very well be half the battle. A corner is often a great spot. Don’t put the tree in a place that is easy for your pet to access. For example, putting it beside a sofa Fluffy can easily climb onto is pretty much asking for trouble!

Secure It

It certainly won’t hurt to give your tree a bit of extra support. A good, wide base is a must. However, you can also attach the treetop to the wall or ceiling with twine or fishing line.

Go Artificial

Consider getting a fake tree this year, instead of a real one. Artificial trees aren’t easy for cats to climb. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run, as you can reuse it next year.

Don’t Make It Too Tempting

Our feline pals just can’t resist batting at shiny objects. Put the most tempting ornaments on the top two thirds of the tree. This includes anything shiny and/or breakable, as well as the majority of your lights and tinsel. Put just a few dull, nonbreakable ornaments on the lower branches.

Block Fluffy’s Access

Another thing you can do is put something in between Fluffy and the tree, such as a puppy gate. We know at least one poor soul tried putting a ring of vacuum cleaners around their tree. Others have resorted to hanging trees upside down from the ceiling. That might work, but it probably won’t help the aesthetic much.


Try to focus Fluffy’s attention elsewhere. How do you do that? Give her toys and furniture to play with and explore. We also recommend playing with your furry friend daily. This is also a great way to spend time with her and keep her fit and healthy. If your cat gets tired out chasing after that red dot, she may leave the tree alone!

Happy Holidays! Contact us, your local London, ON veterinary clinic, anytime!

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