Resolutions Inspired by Fido

Happy New Year! As we move forward into 2021, many people are focused on setting their own personal goals for the coming year. Your canine pal will be your biggest cheerleader as you strive to make your new resolutions. In fact, Fido can also be a great source of inspiration. In this article, a London, ON veterinarian lists some resolutions inspired by Man’s Best Friend.

Eat Well

Dogs are very, very enthusiastic about food. It’s always cute seeing how Fido starts thumping his tail when he spots something yummy! While you don’t want to go overboard, it is important to eat nourishing, healthy food.


Our canine companions make great hiking buddies. Fido absolutely loves exploring new trails and parks. Take your pooch somewhere new this year. There are plenty of one-tank trips you can enjoy.

Be Observant

While some pooches are simply more attentive than others, our furry friends are very good at letting us know if there’s someone at the door, or if something isn’t right. Be aware of your surroundings!

Show Your Support

Dogs are very intuitive, and pay close attention to their humans. Your pooch may very well sense when you are feeling sad or down, and will stick closer to you than usual. Be supportive of those you care about!

Live For The Moment

Our four-legged pals can be the very epitome of joyful exuberance. It’s hard not to smile when watching your furry companion happily bounding after a ball or stick. That’s a great reminder to live for today.

Be Loyal

Dogs are amazingly loyal to their human friends. Fido will stick with you no matter what the coming year brings. He’ll be there to welcome you home with happy dances and tail wags after a long day, and he’ll settle down beside you or at your feet while you’re relaxing. Stand by those who have been good to you!


As the saying says, all work and no play make for a dull boy (or girl). Dogs are wonderful reminders of the importance of just having fun. Play with Fido every day!

Get Outdoors

Fresh air and sunshine are good for both you and your canine buddy. Enjoy those daily walks with your furry best friend!

As your London, ON animal clinic, we look forward to offering your beloved pet great care in 2021 and beyond. Call us anytime!

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