Keeping a Senior Dog Comfortable

As your dog ages, he’ll go through many of the same changes as you will. He’ll slow down, and may not be as energetic as he once was. Fido may get grey fur, and he may become a bit stiff and sore. Keeping senior pooches comfortable is very important! A London, ON vet offers some tips on this below. 


Your furry best friend will spend up to half of his time snoozing. A good doggy bed is a must! This will cushion Fido’s bones, allowing him to sleep comfortably. In winter, it will also insulate him from cold floors. Orthopedic beds are great options for older dogs. You can also use a child’s mattress, or bolster a regular bed with a pet-safe mattress topper. 


Fido probably won’t be any fonder of baths now than he was as a puppy. However, he’ll be much more comfortable with a soft, clean coat that is free of mats and tangles. Dental care, nail trims, and ear cleanings are also important. Keep up with your pup’s grooming needs. 


We know, it’s easy to equate pampering dogs with giving them treats. However, you don’t want to go overboard here. If your furry pal becomes obese, there will be extra strain on his bones and joints. It will also become harder for him to move around, which can make it easier for him to pack on even more pounds. Offer Fido a good, high-quality senior formula pet food. Supplements may also be beneficial. 


As Fido ages, he’ll become very sensitive to changes in temperature. If he has thin fur, he’ll need a jacket in winter. Pups with thick coats, on the other hand, can easily overheat in summer. Keep an eye on your canine pal, and make sure he always has access to rooms with climate control. 


When Fido eats from bowls on the floor, he has to splay his legs out a bit. This is quite uncomfortable, and can really strain his back and legs. Raised dishes will be much more comfortable for him to eat from. 

Veterinary Care

Fido will become more susceptible to certain medical issues as he ages. Make sure he sees his doctor regularly! 

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. As your London, ON animal clinic, we are here to help! 

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