If Pets Had Thumbs Day

March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! This is one of the sillier pet holidays on the calendar. It’s probably safe to say that if our furry friends woke up one day with opposable thumbs, they would definitely get into some shenanigans. A local London, ON vet lists a few things that Fluffy and Fido may put on their to-do list in this article.

Taste Test

One of the first things on your pet’s agenda? Raiding the fridge. Cats are usually a bit more restrained in this area than dogs are, but Fluffy would still open her fair share of cans. Your feline friend would likely also rip the labels off of your canned goods.


Fluffy and Fido’s ancestors both hunted their food in the wild. Those predatory instincts may be closer to the surface with some pets than with others, but they are still there. That said, we suspect that our furry friends would enjoy experimenting with some professional gear, such as fishing poles and nets.


If your four-legged buddy was able to let themselves out, they wouldn’t waste too much time in doing so. Fido would head off on some doggy adventures, and perhaps visit a local park or trail. As for Fluffy, she’d probably stick closer to home. However, it wouldn’t be out of character for her to lock the dog out, either.


If your pet was able to order things online, it wouldn’t be long before packages started showing up at your door. We suspect that both dogs and cats would order pet subscription boxes, toys, treats, and beds. Fluffy would also want things like cat towers, pet tents, live fish, and anything that looked like it would come in a sizable box. Fido would go for tennis balls, specialty steaks, and back scratchers.


Cats and dogs would probably both be happy to toss out some of their least favorite things. The vacuum would soon be on the curb. Fido would also toss his shampoos, while Fluffy would get rid of anything that makes a lot of noise.


Your pet may also make some changes to your calendar. Appointments with us would likely disappear, soon to be replaced by sessions with dog walkers and pet masseuse. 

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