Cuddly Kitten Day

There’s a pretty adorable pet holiday coming up. Cuddly Kitten Day is March 23rd. If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to brighten up any day, it’s cuddling a purring feline. A local London, ON vet goes over some of the rules of cuddling cats below.

Start Young

If your feline pal is just a baby, she’ll definitely need lots of cuddles. Kittens are very small and fragile, and they feel safest when they’re being snuggled. In fact, Fluffy sees her owners as second parents. Cuddling your tiny furball will go a long way towards helping her bond with you. This is also good for socializing your cute pet. 

Support Your Cat’s Weight

When holding Fluffy, make sure to position her properly. You’ll want to hold her so that her weight is on her legs or rump. Never hold a cat by the middle: this can actually cause internal injuries. It also isn’t very pleasant. You wouldn’t like being picked up by the stomach, either!

Supervise Children

Cuddling kittens can be very beneficial for children. Cats can be very comforting to kids. They can also teach children about love and friendship. And, as we all know, Fluffy can also make a great napping buddy. That said, you’ll need to teach your little one how to properly cuddle a cat. It’s also important to teach kids how to recognize the signs that kitties are getting uncomfortable and want to get down, such as wriggling. We recommend monitor all kid/kitty cuddle sessions. (Tip: these make great photo opportunities.)

Fluffy’s Rules

Kitties can be very ‘purrticular’ about when and how they get snuggled. If Fluffy isn’t feeling very affectionate, don’t force her to submit to being held or petted. Our furry friends can get very nervous if they feel trapped! Always let the cat decide when cuddle time starts and stops. Some furballs will only tolerate being cuddled for short periods of time. That’s fine!


Our feline buddies are super cute and lovable. Fluffy is very soft, and she is also the perfect size to fit in our laps or arms. Let your kitty snooze on your lap sometimes if she likes to. A purring cat can be a great source of comfort … not to mention a wonderful sleep aid!

As your local London, ON pet hospital, we are here for you. Please contact us anytime! 

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