5 Ways To Give Your Dog A Stress Free Holiday Season

It’s official: the holiday rush has commenced! This is a pretty busy and hectic time of year for many people. December can also be quite stressful, with all the shopping, planning, decorating, and events to juggle. The holidays can be trying for dogs, too. Fido is very much a creature of habit, and he can get anxious about changes to his routine and environment. Read on as a London, ON vet offers some advice on keeping your canine buddy calm and happy over the next few weeks.

Take Time To Play

A fun play session can actually go a long way towards soothing nervous pets. If your four-legged friend burns all his energy on a vigorous round of Fetch, he’ll naturally be tired—and therefore, calmer—after.

Offer Doggy Comforts

Fido may be quite nervous and uneasy in a room full of strangers. If you are hosting an event, and your pooch is easily unsettled, consider putting him in a quiet back bedroom with bedding, toys, and treats. Turn a radio or TV to mask the noise. This is also a good bet for any pups that have aggressive tendencies. (Note: if your dog has ongoing issues with this, consult a professional.)

Meet N’ Greet

First impressions are very important to our canine pals. Most dogs will appreciate being allowed to sniff a hand in greeting when they meet new people. Fido also likes it when people talk to him!

Pet Calming Products

Pet-calming products use pheromones to help soothe anxious dogs. There are many different options for these, including treats, collars, and sprays. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Make It Fun

Fido often gets a little uneasy about decorations, just as they can change the look and feel of his home so much. One way to help your furry friend gain a more positive opinion about these types of things is to sweeten the deal. A fun new toy or a special treat should do the trick.

Tail Wags And Nose Boops

Fido is very intuitive and responsive. Just taking a few minutes to pet your fuzzy buddy and comfort him if he seems uneasy can help soothe him. Spend some quality time with your pooch every day!

All of us here at Firth Veterinary Hospital, your local London, ON animal clinic, want to wish you a wonderful holiday season.

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