Adoption Day: Changing A Pet’s Life

There’s a pretty important pet holiday around the corner, one that is very significant for both you and your pets. January is Change A Pet’s Life Day! Of course, the best way to change a pet’s life is to give them a loving home. Gotcha Day is a pretty big deal for our furry friends! A London, ON vet offers some tips on getting things started out on the right paw below.


If possible, have everything your four-legged friend will need ready and waiting before you bring them home. Your shopping list should include food, toys, treats, bedding, dishes, a first-aid kit, and grooming supplies. Cats also need litter and litterboxes, while dogs should have a leash, collar, and tie-out line. Pups with thin fur will also need sweaters or jackets.


Petproofing is also a must. Address potential hazards, such as wires and cords, small or sharp objects, toxic plants, chemicals, medications, plastic wrappers, and anything else that isn’t safe. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Coming Home

If you’re adopting a dog, you’ll want to take Fido around the block before you bring him in. This will give him a chance to reset. Plus, it will allow him to get an idea of his surroundings, which is also important.

Settling In

Put your new pet’s things in a quiet back room, with food, toys, and treats, and let them settle in. If you have other pets, keep them separated for a while. If you only have one pet, then you can let them explore at their own pace.

To-Do List

A veterinary appointment is definitely on the agenda. Even if your furry buddy seems to be in good condition, you’ll need a full nose-to-tail exam, with all screenings and panels. This is a wonderful time to get some advice on your pet’s diet and activity needs.


Don’t forget to get some pictures of the big day! Take all the cute photos!


Don’t force attention on your new pet: use treats, love, and good care to help them feel safe. It’s a beautiful thing to see pets truly blossoming and coming out of their shells after going to loving homes. Purrs and tail wags from rescues are truly precious gifts!

Do you have questions or concerns about your new pet’s health or care? Contact us, your London, ON veterinary clinic, today!

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