Taking Fido To The Salon

Our canine pals have very pretty fur. However, taking care of your pup’s coat isn’t always fun … for either of you. Taking Fido to a salon will definitely make things a little easier on you. A London, ON vet offers some advice on taking your furry bff to the groomer in this article.

Get Fido Used To His Beauty Care

Your four-legged buddy will have a much better time at the salon if he is already accustomed to being groomed. Even if you plan to take him to the groomer’s regularly, it’s best to get him used to this at home. Bathe him and brush him, and offer lots of treats and praise to help him form a good association with the process. It’s also a good idea to handle his paws and teeth, to desensitize him.

Keep Up Home Care

How often Fido needs to be bathed will depend on what type of breed he is. Some pups need a few baths a month, while others only need a few a year. However, most dogs will benefit from regular brushing. Ask your vet and groomer for advice.

Tail Wags

Teaching Fido to associate grooming with good things will benefit you, your pet, and his groomer in the long run. Make the experience fun for Fido! Offer him treats, and take him to a park or drive through after.

Don’t Be Nervous

Fido is very astute at picking up your feelings and body language. If you’re nervous, he’ll be nervous. Stay positive!

Work Out

Our canine companions are always calmer and better behaved after they’ve burned off their zoomies. Take Fido for a long walk before his appointment, and/or tire him out with a game of Fetch or Tag.

Be Clear

It’s very easy for miscommunications to happen between groomers and clients. If you want your dog to have a specific cut, bring a photo. Keep in mind that some dogs should not be clipped at all, while others may need specific cuts. Be sure to clarify your requests and/or ask questions when needed.

Check With Your Vet

Some dogs need medical grooming. This may entail things like anal gland expression or ear hair removal. Check with your vet before requesting these things.

Do you have questions about your canine buddy’s health or care? Contact us, your London, ON animal clinic, today!

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