Mud Season With Fido

Spring may be a few weeks off, but the weather is already warming. It’s probably safe to say that many of our canine friends will be more than happy for the return of warm weather. After being stuck inside so much over the winter, Fido is more than ready to return to his favorite trails and dog parks. Of course, we know what’s around the corner: mud, and lots of it. Read on as a local London, ON vet offers some advice on getting through the spring melt with Fido.


Does your furry best friend like to go out and about with you? Put an extra blanket or mat in your car, to keep your pooch from tracking mud all over it.


Put a thick mat outside the door you bring your canine buddy in and out through. Pick one you can easily hose down. Bath mats work well for this, as they’re so thick and absorbent.

Paw Wipe

Get into the habit of wiping your furry pal’s feet down before you bring him inside. You can use store-bought pet-wipes, or just a washcloth and spray bottle full of water. You may even be able to teach Fido to do this himself! (Hint: treats will go a long way here.)

Cleaning Supplies

Dogs have a special way of leaving pawprints on our hearts. They also leave pawprints on our porches, floors, and stairs. If you don’t have a steam, spray, or electric mop, this may be a good time to get one.

Puddle Jumpers

We know, pets aren’t children. However, many of our canine companions do act like kids … especially when it comes to jumping in mud puddles. If your yard gets a bit soggy at this time of year, you may find yourself opening the door to a panting, four-legged mud monster. (Golden Retrievers are notorious for this.) It may be a good idea to block off the soggy parts, and just walk Fido until things dry out. Or, just roll with it, and set up an outdoor dog wash.

Parasite Control

As the warm weather returns, so will the fleas, ticks, and other critters. If you take Fido off heartworm medication for winter, this is the time to get him started up again.

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