Fluffy’s Summer Plans

Do you have big plans for this summer? We know many people are looking forward to the next few months. Our feline patients also enjoy this time of year! In fact, your kitty may have a few things on her agenda for the coming months. A London, ON vet lists a few of Fluffy’s plans below.


Cats are actually warm blooded, but we’re not sure if anyone has told them this yet. Kitties really love finding warm places to nap. You’ll probably find your furball sprawled out in sunny spots quite a bit over the next few months. Give your cute pet a comfy window seat, and put a birdfeeder up in her line of sight. Your feline overlord will definitely be pleased!


Fluffy is known for being a bit spoiled, but that isn’t really fair. When we first befriended kitties, they worked to earn their keep by keeping mice and other vermin away. While many of our patients would literally have no idea what to do if a real mouse ran out in front of them, others are quite formidable little hunters. We do recommend keeping cats inside, which of course greatly reduces Fluffy’s chance of getting a mouse. However, you can give her some catnip mice to practice her murder skills on.

Eat Plants

Kitties are carnivores, but they do enjoy nibbling on green leaves. (Fluffy also likes to pretend she’s a lion by hiding behind large plants.) Put some soil and cat grass seeds in a storage tote or an old litterbox, and let it grow in. Your furry little buddy will have her own patch of lawn to look self-superior on!

Kitty Itinerary

Also on Fluffy’s agenda? Sticking her paw in your water glass, sprawling out on the kitchen floor, refusing to come when called, and jumping into your lap when it’s really, really hot out. Of course, no matter what time of year it is, your furry pal will diligently keep up with her hectic napping schedule.


Given the option, many of our feline buddies would happily partake in outdoor kitty activities, like rolling around in driveways, making paw art on windshields, and digging up the humans’ flowerbeds. However, Fluffy is much safer inside. Ground the furball!

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