Keeping A Senior Cat Active

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Cat Month? Cats usually age gracefully, and somehow manage to get even cuter with age. Fluffy will be more interested in catching Z’s than catching mice, and she won’t be as feisty or mischievous as a kitten. However, your feline buddy will still need some activity to stay healthy. A London, ON vet offers some advice on senior kitty workouts below.


Playing is the gold-star standard when it comes to keeping cats active. It’s good for Fluffy to be able to unleash her inner lioness, and practice her hunting skills on innocent catnip mice. Interactive play is particularly beneficial, as it’s more fun and more challenging. You can also keep your furry friend active by offering her things to investigate and explore, such as kitty tubes, boxes, and newspaper tunnels. If your feline pal is particularly adventurous, you can even try walking her on a leash. Ask your vet for specific advice on this.


Exercise is just as beneficial for pets as it is for people. Proper activity will keep Fluffy’s bones and muscles strong and help keep her from becoming obese. It’s also good for her heart, lungs, circulation, and digestion. Plus, it offers beneficial mental stimulation. Catching that elusive red dot requires concentration! That focus is great for your pet’s mind, and can actually help ward off the cognitive decay some older cats experience.


Don’t worry too much about how long Fluffy’s play session should last. With dogs, there’s always a concern of overexertion. Fido will really push himself to please his humans, even to the point of injuring himself. Cats? Not so much. As soon as your feline overlord feels the least bit tired, she’ll quit playing and go take yet another nap.

Keep It Indoors

Cats that go outside do get more activity than indoor kitties, but they’re also at greater risk of getting lost, hurt, or even killed. Traffic, weather, chemicals, and wild animals all pose serious threats to our furry buddies! Older felines are even more at risk, as they may not be quick or agile enough to escape dangers. Fluffy could also get confused about where she is, and may not be able to find her way home again.

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