Things That Don’t Impress Cats

Our feline friends may be small, but they are definitely quite opinionated. Of course, that isn’t to say that they are always enthusiastic about things. While you may get quite an adorable reaction out of your kitty by giving her a toy or a box, some things will just earn you that unimpressed stare cats are so good at. A local London, ON lists a few things that Fluffy doesn’t care about below.


Fluffy has no qualms about stretching out on the floor, grooming her bottom in public, or putting her tail in your coffee mug. How rude!

Car Rides

Fido often gets very, very excited over the thought of a car ride. Fluffy, on the other hand, would rather take yet another nap.


It really is amazing how these devices connect our world these days. However, Fluffy only cares that they make good napping spots.


Fido has definitely earned the title of Man’s Best Friend for his love, loyalty, and bravery. However, Fluffy isn’t purrticularly impressed. Dogs follow orders, don’t use litterboxes, and never clean themselves.

Fresh Laundry

Fluffy doesn’t really care if your clothes end up with fur all over them. A warm basket of clothes right out of the dryer is fair game, as far as your kitty is concerned.

Knick Knacks

Does your feline buddy sometimes knock things off your shelves or furniture with a little swipe of her paw? Fluffy has definitely broken her share of trinkets, but she isn’t losing any sleep over it.


Kitties are definitely very lithe and athletic! Fluffy can scale trees, fences, and even walls fearlessly.

Grocery Bills

Does your kitty sometimes beg for food, and then turn her nose up at what you offer? To be fair, cats will only eat food that is fresh: if anything smells even slightly off, they will often go hungry rather than consume it. Fluffy isn’t very bothered about the cost of throwing uneaten food away.

Your Schedule

Our feline pals like to live on their terms. That means that Fluffy will eat, sleep, and play when she wants. She may very well bat at your toes in the middle of the night, or smack you with her paw when she is ready for breakfast.

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