Celebrating The American Eskimo Dog

Today is American Eskimo Dog Day! There are plenty of American Eskimo Dogs up here in Canada. These cute pups all have long white fur, super cute faces, and soulful eyes, and they make very lovable and fun pets. A London, ON vet discusses these very good boys below.


The American Eskimo dog is often considered an ancient breed, because it’s close to the wolf. However, while Fido may still resemble his wild cousins, his personality is anything but wild. American Eskimo dogs are generally pets, and are considered companion dogs rather than working dogs. Like their smaller kin, the Pomeranian, they are lovable, cheery, and extremely smart. Eskies typically do well in obedience training, and are great at learning tricks. These pretty pups come in three different sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. 


The American Eskimo Dog was originally called the German Spitz: the name was changed after World War I due to anti-German sentiment. Eskies were officially recognized as a breed in 1919 by the American United Kennel Club, or UKC. The organization released an official breed history in 1958. Then, in 1970, Fido got his own club: The National American Eskimo Dog Association (NAEDA). However, the AKC didn’t officially welcome him until 1995!


One interesting thing about the American Eskimo Dog is the fact that they were once renowned circus performers. Between their adorable appearance, intelligence, and trainability, Eskies were naturals at winning audiences over. In fact, the most famous Eskie, Pierre, was a renowned tightrope walker with the Barnum & Bailey Circus.


Fido is most easily distinguished by his thick, white fur. He definitely has lots of it! As far as grooming goes, you may be surprised to know that Eskies usually stay pretty clean, due to oils in their fur. However, as one may expect, they do shed heavily, and require regular brushing. It’s worth noting that even though these pups have thick fur, they should always live indoors, as they are very affectionate and loving. 


Like many other breeds, the American Eskimo Dog is prone to developing some specific health conditions. The NAEDA recommends hip and ophthalmologist evaluations, as well as PRA Optigen DNA tests, which test for certain eye problems. Ask your vet for specific care tips.

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