Clingy Cats

Is your feline friend a bit too affectionate? Is Fluffy always clamoring for attention? Kitties are very cuddly, which is one thing we love about them. However, some cats  become almost obsessively clingy. A London, ON vet offers some insight on this below.

Clingy Kitties

There’s no official definition or medical diagnosis for clinginess. The term ;clingy cat’ is pretty self-explanatory, and describes kitties that are so attached to their humans that they demand to be held, petted, and/or cuddled all the time. Fluffy may meow to be picked up, wedge herself into any available space on or beside you, and follow you around. Some clingy cats lick their humans, as though grooming them. 

Separation Anxiety 

Separation anxiety goes hand-in-paw with clinginess. Separation anxiety is when animals get distressed at being away from their humans. When left by herself, your furry buddy may avoid the litterbox, scratch excessively, withdraw and hide, or even go off food. It’s worth noting that many of these behaviors can also be signs of medical issues. If your furball has only recently become super-clingy, she may not be feeling well. Contact your vet to schedule an appointment.


Kitties that are very clingy and affectionate have stronger needs for love and attention than the typical feline, and they often crave being cuddled and comforted. This can happen for many reasons, but there are a few common ones. Being orphaned or abandoned as kittens is often a common denominator. Cats that were separated from their littermates too early, or weaned before they were ready often become quite clingy. Your feline pal may also simply be lonely, especially if she spends a lot of time by herself.

Helping Kitty Cope

There are things you can do to refocus your furry friend’s attention, so she isn’t quite so obsessed with you.  Make sure your home is fun by providing things like scratching posts, offering elevated spots and comfy beds. (Cat trees are an all-in-one option here.) Leaving a TV or radio on when you leave may also help. Your cat may also appreciate having another kitty around to snuggle with and cuddle up to. Think carefully before adopting: it is a lifelong commitment, after all. In severe cases, medication may help. You may also want to contact your vet or a pet behaviorist for help.  

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