Fluffy’s Cat Carrier

Does your kitty enjoy car rides? Chances are, she probably doesn’t. Most of our feline friends are homebodies, who would much rather stay in their domains. However, Fluffy will need to travel now and then, whether during moves or on trips to the vet or possibly groomer. A London, ON vet offers a few tips on cat carriers in this article. 




You will need to choose between a hard case and a softer material. Hard case carriers do offer more protection, and can keep your furry friend safer in case of accidents. They also will protect her from getting bumped when you are transporting her. That said, soft carriers often work just fine. If you fly with Fluffy in the cabin, this may also be more comfortable. Just make sure the carrier closes securely, is washable, and has a good safety rating. 


Temporary Carriers


You may also see cardboard ‘donut box’ carriers on occasion. These are really made for single use only. Many shelters use them to send adopted kitties home with their new owners. They are okay in a pinch, but won’t last long, and won’t hold up to getting wet at all. 




It’s not a bad idea to mark the carrier with your name and address. This is a crucial precaution to take if you were ever to fly with Fluffy. It can also be very helpful in case of an emergency. Luggage tags are a good option for this. For hard-shell carriers, you can also use a mailing label. Cover it with clear tape to protect it.




If you store the carrier, keep a pet first-aid kit in or near it. If Fluffy is ever injured, you may need to perform some first aid before taking her to the emergency clinic. Having everything you need in one place may save precious time in that situation. 


Making It Comfy 


To make the carrier more welcoming to Fluffy, add some soft bedding and perhaps some toys and catnip. You can also give your feline pal treats inside her carrier, and play with her in or near it. Another thing that may help is leaving the carrier out between trips to help your furball get used to it. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about your kitty’s health or care. As your London, ON pet hospital, we’re here to help! 

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