Celebrating The Samoyed

Do you like fluffy dogs? If so, it’s probably safe to say that you’re a fan of a lovable pup that’s in the spotlight today. It’s Samoyed Day! The Samoyed, an adorable pup known for his majestic white coat and friendly smile, has well earned this day of doggy recognition. A local London, ON vet discusses this Very Good Boy below.

Ancient Lineage

Samoyeds belong to a few doggy categories. They’re one of the Spitz breeds, a group of super fluffy dogs that are perfectly adapted to cold climates. Other Spitzes include the American Eskimo Dog, Keeshond, Chow Chow, and Siberian husky. Samoyeds are also one of the basal breeds, dogs that are the most closely related to wolves. The AKC also has them assigned to the working dog group.

Great Buddy …

Spitz breeds share some common traits, such as the pointy ears from which their group name comes. (Spitz means ‘Pointy’ in German). However, Samoyeds stand out for being super friendly, cheerful, and generally lots of fun. They tend to be great with kids, and often get along with smaller dogs, which isn’t the case with all of our canine buddies. In fact, Fido’s friendly disposition, combined with a facial structure that makes him look like he’s smiling, has earned him the nickname ‘Smiley Dog.’

… Not The Best Guard Dog

Fido’s cheerful, outgoing disposition makes him a joy to be around. However, it also makes him a cute but ineffective guard dog, as he’d probably run up to an intruder wagging his tail, rather than warning him off. That said, your furry pal can still pull his weight with security duties: Samoyeds do bark to let their humans know if something is off.

Fido’s Favorite Sports

Samoyeds excel at many different doggy sports, including carting, flyball, tracking, and agility. They’re also great at mushing. That’s hardly a surprise, given their original jobs of pulling sleds.


Although Samoyeds shed continuously all year, they basically explode during shedding seasons, typically about twice a year. If there are any downfalls to having one of these pups, this may be it. Fido will need to be brushed daily. There is a tradeoff here, though: he won’t drool. This is common in many snow dogs, as they’re suited for climates where drool would quickly freeze.

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