Choosing A Litterbox

Have you recently adopted a cat? Congratulations! Choosing your new kitty is a huge decision! (Of course, sometimes cats choose their humans, rather than it being the other way around, but that’s another topic.) You’ll also have several other decisions to make after picking your feline friend. Choosing Fluffy’s name is a big one. You’ll also have to select her food, furniture, toys, and litterbox. Buying your pet’s litterbox may not be rocket science, but there are some things to keep in mind. A London, ON vet lists a few in this article. 




For the most part, litterboxes are pretty much the same size. However, if your feline pal is a baby, you can start her out in a kitten box. With most cat furniture, we would generally advise getting things made for full-grown kitties, as otherwise you’ll be replacing it in a few months. Kitten litterboxes are the exception to this rule. They’re also pretty cheap, usually just a few bucks. You may be able to donate it to a shelter once Fluffy has outgrown it, though you’d of course need to ask first.



Wall height is another thing to think about. If Fluffy is a senior, a kitten, or just a rather small cat, she may have a hard time climbing in and out of a box with high sides.


High-Tech Options 


It seems like everything has gone high-tech these days. Even the litterbox has gotten a modern makeover! There are quite a few different types of self-cleaning litterboxes. Some have automated cleaning mechanisms, while others are made to be sifted and re-stacked. Do some research, and ask your vet for advice. 


Hidden Boxes


Litterboxes definitely make caring for Fluffy quite easy, but they won’t do your decor any favors. Consider getting a litterbox that looks like furniture. There are quite a few different options for these now! You can also make your own by upcycling an end table or chest. Look online for ideas and instructions. 




You may be surprised at how many different colors and shapes litterboxes come in nowadays. For instance, you can now get ones that look like plant pots. You can even opt for a spaceship or watermelon-shaped one. Just let your feline pal have her say as well. 


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