Eco-Friendly Pet Care

Canadian Environment Week starts June 5th. This is a great reminder of the importance of protecting our beautiful planet. Your pet can also lend a helping paw with conservation efforts! A London, ON veterinarian goes over some eco-friendly pet care tips in this article.

Reduce Waste

Even taking small steps to reduce your four-legged pal’s carbon pawprint can make a difference. Consider getting biodegradable garbage bags to use for kitty litter. Speaking of litter, you can also look for brands that use eco-friendly materials. Buying in bulk can also help, particularly when getting things like kibble. Just make sure you don’t get too much: you don’t want it to spoil before Fido and Fluffy get to eat it.

Reuse Things

Many of your furry friend’s old belongings can be re-used. An old litterbox can be turned into a planter for cat grass, while an old suitcase can make a cute kitty bed. You can also make rope toys, catnip toys, and beds out of old clothes and towels. Look online for ideas and instructions.

Opt For Cloth

One way to reduce waste is to switch to washable cloths, and use those for cleaning, instead of paper towels. If you do use paper products, choose brands that use recycled materials.

Choose Eco-Friendly Products

There are eco-friendly versions of many household products, which are better for the environment. And while any chemical or cleaning agent should be considered unsafe for pets, these may be less toxic than the traditional versions. You can also look for earth-friendly products when choosing your furry friend’s bedding, toys, and treats. For instance, opt for bamboo bowls instead of plastic ones.

Keep Kitty In

We always advocate for keeping cats indoors: Fluffy is just much safer as an inside pet. As it turns out, grounding your furball can also help protect local wildlife. Cats kill billions of small animals every year, which is adding extra stress to already-fragile bird populations.  


Getting your furry buddy fixed can also help conserve resources. With so many homeless and stray pets out there already, it’s hard to justify bringing more unwanted litters into the world … no matter how cute they are. If Fido and Fluffy are still intact, contact your vet to schedule that appointment.

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