5 Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Cat

June is a pretty important month for Fluffy. Not only do we have Cat World Domination Day, but it’s also Adopt A Shelter Cat Month. While there’s no bad time to give a sweet shelter kitty a happily-ever-after, this is a pretty purrfect one. Shelters are often overflowing with kittens at this time of year! Here, a London, ON veterinarian lists some ‘purrfect’ reasons to consider adopting Fluffy from a shelter. 



Going to a shelter is often much cheaper than going to a store, dealer, or even a private seller. Who doesn’t love saving money?


Find A Great Match 

It’s always interesting to see how different people are drawn to different types of pets. Of course, many people want kittens. It isn’t hard to see why. Not only are baby cats ridiculously cute, there’s also a lot to be said for raising Fluffy yourself. Senior kitties also make purrfect pets. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find the purrfect pet in a shelter. Shelters have cats of many breeds, colors, and ages!


Meet N’ Greet

Going to a shelter is also great because you’ll be able to spend some time with your new potential pet. This can be really helpful if you’re trying to decide between a few different cats. Even spending a few minutes with Fluffy may be time for you to tell if you feel a connection to her. Don’t overlook the unwanted kitties, though: sometimes they make the best pets. 


Set A Great Example 

There are millions of stray cats out there fending for themselves. This is a huge problem! While things have definitely gotten better over the last few decades, there’s still a lot of work to be done. By getting Fluffy from a shelter, you’re helping promote great animal welfare. This is a wonderful example and inspiration for others. Be the change you want to see in the world!


Help Other Animals 

Another reason we love seeing shelter cats get adopted? It helps the greater good, and promotes great animal welfare. For one thing, it opens up a spot for another adorable furball to have a chance at getting adopted. Plus, Fluffy’s adoption fees will help the shelter cover the costs of caring for their other furry wards. 


Do you have questions about your kitty’s health or care? Contact us, your London, ON pet clinic, anytime! 

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