6 Things All Cat Owners Tell Their Pets

Kitties are certainly packed with purrsonality. Fluffy is both predator and prey in the wild, which makes for an interesting mix of character traits. These furballs can be very timid and shy at times, but they also clearly see themselves as lions. In this article, a local London, ON vet goes over a few things that we suspect all of our feline patients hear from their humans sooner or later.

What Are You Doing In There?

Our feline friends are very curious—if not downright nosy—and love to investigate any nooks and crannies they can fit into. The list of things you may find Fluffy in includes closets, drawers, cupboards, suitcases, paper bags, and, of course, boxes. (Bonus for people with black cats, as you may only see eyes staring out at you.)


One of the cutest things about cats is the fact that they’re so talkative. Some kitties are basically furry little chatterboxes that want to tell their owners everything and anything that crosses their minds. (This could be anything from the moth in the kitchen or the catnip toy Fluffy pushed too far under the couch.) Of course, it would be helpful if we could actually understand these kitty dialogues.

Get Down From There

While we know that dogs can understand over 100 words and phrases, cats generally refuse to cooperate with these studies. However, we suspect Fluffy knows full well what this phrase means.

I Have To Move

Kitties are very affectionate, and form very close bonds with their owners. They also happen to be the purrfect size to snooze in our laps. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself trapped in your chair by a purring, sleeping furball that has no intentions of moving.

Can’t You Sleep Somewhere Else?

Fluffy is very, very diligent about staying on top of her grueling nap regimen. In addition to keeping up with those 42 daily naps, your pet will need to make sure she’s sleeping in as many different areas as possible. That, of course, includes things like computers, books, magazines, and paperwork.

Yes, I’m Getting Your Breakfast

Cats take breakfast—all three of them—very, very seriously. If you’re late with Her Furry Majesty’s morning meal, you may find yourself getting smacked, yelled at, or pawed at.

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