Fun Facts About Fluffy

August 8th is a special day for Canadian kitties: it’s our National Cat Day! This seems like a purrfect time to share some interesting tidbits about our feline friends. A London, ON vet offers some ‘pawesome’ facts about kitties below.

Tiger Tiger

Have you ever noticed that cats can be very bold and aggressive, despite their small size? That may be because Fluffy shares most of her DNA -nearly 96 percent—with tigers.

Toe Beans

Kitties paws are not only adorable, but also quite interesting. For one thing, Fluffy’s toe beans look like a little teddy bear if viewed upside down. Those sharp little claws are also curved downwards. This makes it easier for them to climb up things, which comes in handy when escaping predators. Climbing down is a bit harder for them, and must be learned.

Fluffy Is A Film Star

Our feline overlords wasted no time staking their claim on the internet: cat videos and memes continue to be popular, hilarious, and adorable. However, Fluffy’s film career started way before her rise to fame on Youtube. While she certainly made some appearances on America’s Funniest Home Videos, she actually made her debut back in 1894. The first known cat video, Thomas Edison’s Boxing Cats, was recorded that year.

Wrapped Around Our Paws

We often like to joke about how cats are more like furry little bosses than pets. That sentiment is also much older than you may expect. The oldest known kitty door is in the Exeter Cathedral and dates back to the 14th century. Back then, Fluffy was paid the equivalent of a penny a day for clearing mice out.

Long History

Kitties have been warming our hearts, laps, and chairs for thousands of years. No one is sure of the exact date that we befriended these charming furballs. Some estimates put that milestone at around 3500 BC, in Egypt. However, some studies suggest that we may have become smitten with our feline pals as much as 12,000 years ago.

The Nose Knows

Does your furry friend sometimes give you affectionate nose boops? Those are truly one-of-a-kind gifts. Fluffy’s noseprint is unique, just like our fingertips.

Hunting Prowess

Fluffy’s formidable hunting skills are a big part of the reason we domesticated her in the first place. However, your cute pet is actually an adorable serial killer. Kitties kill billions of small animals each year. In fact, they have contributed to the extinction of 33 species!

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