Blind Dog Care Tips

August 23rd is International Blind Dog Day. Just like people, dogs can be afflicted by vision issues, up to and including complete blindness. However, our canine friends are very resilient, and many can adapt to these changes surprisingly well. Of course, Fido will need some extra TLC. A local London, ON vet offers some advice on caring for a blind dog in this article.

How Do I Petproof For A Blind Dog?

For the most part, petproofing for Fido will be the same as petproofing for any other pup. You’ll want to keep anything that could be dangerous, such as toxic plants, plastic bags and wrappers, and small or sharp objects, well out of paws’ reach. Taking a few additional steps can go a long way towards helping your furry pal get around. Set out textured mats or carpet runners to help your pet navigate around the house. Scent markers, such as safe plants or stick-on air fresheners, will also help serve as landmarks. You may want to get your canine buddy a doggy fountain, so he can hear where his bowls are. We would also recommend blocking off potential danger zones, such as stairs, workshop doors, pools, and fireplaces. Try to avoid rearranging your furniture or putting things down where your dog may trip over them.

How Do I Walk A Blind Dog?

Just like any other pooch, Fido is going to need to go outside. If you’re walking him, use a good harness and keep him to the outside of the road, away from traffic. If you have a fenced yard, make sure there are no obstacles or hazards he may run into. It’s also a good idea to get a reflective leash for after-dark walks, so your furry friend can be easily spotted.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Going Blind?

Fido can’t make himself an eye appointment, and you won’t notice him squinting to read words on a TV or in a book. Visible symptoms, such as redness, clouding, swelling or discharge, are definite red flags, and would warrant an immediate call to the vet. There are also behavioral clues to watch for. Stumbling into and over things is a big one. Your furry best buddy may not feel very playful, and he may seem reluctant to go outdoors. Some pups become timid, while others may act defensive. Ask your vet for more information.

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