Dog Training Tips

September is Responsible Pet Ownership Month! Many different factors go into being a responsible dog owner. Training is a big one. Fido is a very good boy, but he needs a proper petucation to really get the hang of being a polite pooch. This isn’t just about manners: it’s also very important for safety reasons. A local London, ON vet goes over some training tips in this article. 

Basic Dog Obedience Commands 

It’s always adorable when Fido performs tricks. However, it’s more important for him to learn the basics first. The most crucial commands are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Down and Leave It are also very helpful. Your pup should learn one at a time. (Tip: Sit is usually the easiest one to start with, as many dogs pick it up quickly.) 

Dog Training Schedules 

Picking the right time for Fido’s lessons can go a long way towards helping those training sessions go smoothly. You want your canine companion to be alert and engaged. Don’t try training your canine buddy when he’s feeling  tired, full, hungry, super-energetic, or in need of a walk. 

Use Treats As Rewards

Fido looks adorably proud of himself when he gets complimented. However, while our furry friends love praise, they also really enjoy snacks. Training treats will really help reinforce desired behavior. Stick with small portions, so you don’t accidentally overfeed your little buddy. 

Time It Right

Our canine pals have fairly short attention spans, and they can lose interest in things fairly quickly. (We know, Fido can also become utterly fascinated by a patch of grass, but that’s another topic.) Don’t bore your furry pal with long classes: ten to 15 minutes at a time is plenty. You can also opt for more frequent but shorter sessions. 

Be Consistent

It’s important to use the same words or phrases every time. Your four-legged pal  may not understand that ‘Stay’ and ‘Stay there, Fido!” essentially mean the same thing! Changing verbal commands may just confuse him.

Keep It Positive

You’ve likely heard the saying that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. This also applies to dog training. You’ll have much better luck by focusing on the positive rather than reprimanding Fido for not picking something up quickly enough. Treats, praise, and attention also help make training fun for your canine buddy. 

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